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Friday, November 9, 2012

Phathalung Series 01

Luang Phor Moon, Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork, Phathalung.


Featuring the brief story of one of the Present Time Great Guru - Luang Phor Moon, Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork, Phathalung. Luang Phor Moon  Born in 6th April ( Saturday ) BE 2440. When Luang Phor Moon was 6 years old his parent sent him to be ordained as novice monk at Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork, Phathalung until age of 17 and then formally ordained as a monk on 3rd  May BE 2457 and Phra Kru Intha Morlee was his mentor monk.

On 10th  May ( Sunday ), at age of 20  in B.E 2460 Luang Phor Moon followed Achan Ditd of Wat Pha Kha Sarak and given a Buddhist name as "Yar Sar Roh". In Year BE 2490 he was then officially appointed as Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork abbot.  

Luang Phor Moon learned magic and wichah direct from late Achan Thong Thao’s lineage of Wat Khao Ork, Phathalung. Luang Phor Moon was good in mediation and magic he had a superb command of Pali and Cambodian languages. Luang Phor Moon also learnt wichah from ancient Cambodia scroll and learnt an ancient sacred herbal medicine. Luang Phor Moon was one of the famous and prominent guru monk from Phak Thaiy ( Southern Thai ) and old folks in Phathalung province respect / admire him as an expert in ancient traditional medication and sacred magic. He also being invited by many monks and temples to bless amulets for soldier troupe during Indo-China War and WWII. In addition, according to the local folks from nearby Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork, LP Moon possesed / endowed with the super natural power of being at the 2 different places at the same time.

Luang Phor Moon had completed 65 Phansa / Vansa ( monkhood ) and attained Parrinibbanna on BE 2526 ( Monday ), 10th January 1983 at age of 86 years old. During his lifetime, Luang Phor Moon created many types of sacred amulets to be distributed to the devotees. He used his wichah dan traditional medicine knowledge to gather and make the sacred amulets. Luang Phor Moon to be believed to start to create his first amulet as early as BE 2497( when he was around 56 / 57 years old ). The very first and earlier batch of amulets were made of 108 wanj ( ancient sacred herbs ) coated with the sacred black lacquer. The later batch amulets were his rian, 5 Buddhas rien, his pump roob meurn, wanj roob meurn and phra somdej. After his Parrinibbanna his amulets were sought after by many Phathalung’s Amulets die Hard. Some of his amulets were expensive and it is very rare and hard to find nowadays.

Featuring my little collection of Luang Phor Moon’s Phra Kreung and Kreung Lang. LUCKY ! That’s the only word that can be used to describe my Luang Phor Moon’s stuffs. Friend of mine, in his late 60s was from Phatalung Province. Married to local Din Daeng girl and permanently settled down and resided in Din Daeng ( Tanah Merah, Kelantan ). In late 70s and early 80s ( before Luang Phor Moon parribbinana, according to my friend of course ! ). Luang Phor Moon’s amulets were given free to devotees.

Before he decided to migrate to Malaysia in late 70s, he went to Wat Khao Daeng and met Luang Phor Moon for blessing and sacred amulet as their protection while travelling, Luang Phor Moon gave him some of the amulets, my friend said Luang Phor Moon asked my friend to self collect the amulets. My friend said at that time he just grabbed the Phra Naprok Phim Yai and his waist hand written takrut.

After experiencing the superb super power of Luang Phor Moon’s amulets, my friend went back to Phathalung to INVITE / GET more amulets after the parrinibbana of Luang Phor Moon. My friend said, he and his friend did the HUGE THAMBOON ( after getting a job with a handsome paid in Malaysia ) and they  had collected almost every phim of Luang Phor Moon’s Phra Kreung and Kreung Lang including his hand written pharyant, Phra Leela takrut and hand crafted  ivory Singha.

According to my friend, he said Luang Phor Moon’s Phra Kreung and Kreung Lang are sought after because of it KHLEW KHAD, KHONG KHAPARN & MAHA AMNAJ  effects. 1n early 80s, when he went back to Phathalung, he was apprehended by SELDADU ( Thai’s police ! ) because they were visited / came back from Phathalung. They were questioned for their purposes of visiting Phathalung. This is because at that time ( late 70s and early 80s ), Phathalung was considered as BLACK  AREA, there were bandit / gangster scattered around Phathalung. According to the legend, it was 5 SEURs eras ( 5 Tigers eras – 5 Dandits eras -- Suer Dam ). They robbed the rich and helped the poor. It just like modern  ROBBIN HOOD !

These 5 tiger bandits ( Ha Seur ), not a gang of normal bandits, they were ARMED TO THE TEETH, they learnt magic from Khao Ork – Achan Thong Thao’s lineage. They can make their track invisible to the police and endowed with khong khaparn chatri – invulnerable to the gun and sharp objects. The only person that can challenge these tiger bandits are General Khun Parn Phantaradej. 

To cut it short and back to the topic …….. ALL of my Luang Phor Moon’s Phra Kreung / Kreung Lang were RENTED personally from Mr Wut (  my Phathalung friend ) 11 - 14 years back with a reasonable RENTED price ! But in this lately the price, flung ! Phra Naprok Phim Lek for instance, I rented it at RM180 in year 1999 but now I have to pay RM350 – RM 450 for the same piece from the amulet market. RM 500 - 700 for the Phra Chau Ha Phra Ong and RM 300 – 500 for his somdej. What the price, time changes ! Up up and away …… ! hahahahahaha

  Phra Chau Ha Phra Ong ( 5 Buddhas sitting on the mystical animals zodiac )

This 5 Buddhas wanj material amulet was made in BE 2497 ( 1953 ). The very first and earlier batch of amulets was made of 108 wanj ( sacred herbs ) coated with the sacred lacquer. The amulet features the 5 Buddhas ( 3 previous Buddhas and 1 present Buddha and 1 future Buddha to be ) sitting / residing on the 5 sacred animal zodiacs.  These animals presenting the years of these 5 Buddhas were born. The reverse side of the amulets is the Maha Yant Phra Chao 5 Phra Ong or The Great Script of 5 Buddhas. It's composed of five Khom letters in lotus shape. The Maha Yant is widely used by great guru monks to create powerful amulets. 

Who are those 5 Buddhas ? They are Gaku Sandho Buddha, Gona Kamano Buddha, Gassapo Buddha, Sakyamuni Gotama Buddha (the present-epoch Buddha), and Sri Ariya Maitreiya Buddha (the future Buddha). The short names or initials of the 5 Buddhas are NA MO PHUT THA YAK. The cores of many Thai Mantras or Khatas are mainly come from these Buddhas' initial.  

NAK     è   1st Buddha – Gaku Sandho Buddha
MOR     è  2nd Buddha – Gona Kamano Buddha
PHUT    è  3rd Buddha -  Gassapo Buddha
THAK   è  The present Buddha - Sakya Muni Gotama Buddha
YAKH  è   The future  Buddha -  Sri Ariya Maitreya Buddha

Correct me, if I’m wrong !

Phra Prok Pho  @  Phra Naprok Phim Lek

 This Phra Naprok was made in BE 2497. Same batch and using the same materials with the Phra Chao Ha Phra Ong.

 Phra Prok Pho  @  Phra Naprok Phim Yai


This Phra Naprok Phim Yai was also made in BE 2497 ( 1953 ). Same batch with the Phra Chao Ha Phra Ong and Phra Naprok Phim Lek. Luang Phor Moon used the same 108 wanj and sacred material to create this Phra Naprok. Superb for Khlew Khad and Kongkhaparn Chatry effects.

 Rian Phra Chau Ha Phra Ong ( 5 Buddhas coin )

 This 5 Buddhas coin was made in BE 2508 ( 1964 ), featuring 5 Buddhas sitting / residing on the Bodhi tree with the 3 different postures - giving sermon, accepting / listening to the sermon, and parrinibanna.

Phra Somdej Kang Lang Roob Meurn Luang Phor Moon (  Phra Somdej with Luang Phor Moon self image at the back)


This rare Phra Somdej series were made in BE 2513 ( 1969 ). There are several types and postures of Phra Somdej by Luang Phor Moon. The amulet was made of sacred old powder with the mixture of broken Somdej Wat Barnkhunphrom and Wat Rakang.
Do forgive me 4 the amateur photos capturing !

Rian Roon Raek Phim Yai, Luang Phor Moon (1st  batch coin )


This Rian Roon Raek Phim Yai ( 1st batch self image, big mould  ) of  Luang Phor Moon Ya Sa Roh, the abbot of Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork, Phathalung was made in BE 2516 ( 1972 ). This batch called Rian Roon Raek Phim Niyom ( Sai Fon ). This Roon Raek rian sought after by the Phathalung amulets die hard especially Luang Phor Moon’s. The price of this rian is amazing and can cost you up to the nose. My friend used to offer me RM 800 for this rian Roon Raek. When I asked him why, he just smiled and said …….. “Very hard to find, I love it and worth to keep !”

Do forgive me 4 the amateur photos capturing !

Rian Roon Raek Phim Lek, Luang Phor Moon (1st  batch coin )


This Rian Roon Raek Phim Lek ( 1st batch self image, small mould  ) of  Luang Phor Moon of Wat Khao Daeng Tawarn Ork, Phathalung was made in BE 2516 ( 1972 ). This Roon Raek rian sought after by the Phathalung amulets die hard especially Luang Phor Moon’s. Luang Phor Moon said, this phim lek is suitable for bothe women and children. The price of this rian is amazing. Besides phim yai, my friend used to offer me RM 500 for this phim lek rian 

Do forgive me 4 the amateur photos capturing !

Roob Meurn Luang Phor Moon  

This wanj and sacred powder type self image of Luang Phor Moon was made in BE 2516 ( 1972 ).

Personal Experienced !  
Personal experienced to be shared ……… from my personal experienced of hanging / clipping / bringing Luang Phor Moon’s stuffs. I think that all range of Luang Phor Moon’s Phra Kreung are superb for Khlew Khad, Khong Krapan Chatri and Amnaj, especially his BE2497 amulets series; ( Phra Naprok and Phra Chau Ha Phra Ong  ).

Taking his Phra Chau Ha Phra Ong for an example, I experienced a great super power of adrenaline flowing inside my body. I gained confident and endowed with the Maha Amnaj power of ruling and commanding people ! Although I’m wearing my Than Kong @ Tok Raja  stuffs and Than Lek’s takrut, I think this Phra Chau Phra Ong makes my Than Kong’s stuffs more powerful ! Perhaps, because of the 5 Buddhas’s supreme power embedded in the amulets, plus the sacred wanj materials used to create the amulets and of course from the great wichah and samadhi power of late Luang Phor Moon. Hahahahahaha don’t get me wrong. I’m not promoting any. Merely sharing !

In a nutshell, Luang Phor Moon stuffs are marvelous, simply marvelous. He is one of the great present time guru monks. Especially from the Southern Thai ! Grab, if you see one !

Do forgive me 4 the amateur photos capturing !

Merely Sharing !

Correct me, if I’m wrong !

Sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !
Sadhu ! sadhu !

Wiesukhihotu 12 !

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hi there, i'm back after a row of 3 busy months.

Kinda RETREATING myself during this year Khao Phansa. HIBERNATING myself ........ hahahahaha ! BUSYING myself with Samadhi activities both at Samnak Wie ( my home, hahaha ! ) and Samnak Achan Sook. Restricted my activities not only because of Khao Phansa but also because of a pile of hectic schedules awaiting to be completed !

See you guys !

sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !


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