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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Phatalung Series 02 - Achan Chum Chaikiri

Achan Chumchaikiri Bucha Statue

Featuting the first batch of Achan Chum Chaikiri Bucha . Made in years of BE 2523 during the great Phra Arahang Paed Thit ceremony together with Luang Pu Khong ( achan Khun Paen bucha statue ). Phra Arahant Paed Tids ceremony on 13 January BE.2523, Somdej Phra Pudthajarn (Sa Ngiam) of Wat Suthat was the leader master of the ceremony.

This bucha is made of resin mixed with many sacred powder such as Kesorn and Wanj 108. Before making Luang Pu Kong, Achan Chum Chaikiri had sought and granted permission from Luang Pu Kong spirit via the spiritual medium. Nowadays, this Roon Phisek is hard to find find and is sought after by Achan Chum amulets diehard. This batch is chanted by many great guru including Luang Phor Kong , Luang Phor Moon, Achan Num etc.

Rian Achan Chum Chaikiri -
Phra Phakhawambodi BE.2518

Rian Kring Achan Chum Chaikiri - Phra Pakhawambodi Neur Soros. This limited edition rian made only 2,518 pieces. This rian was first given away to the disciples during Wai Kru ceremony in year 1970 ( BE.2518 ). This superb rian was made of Med Kring ( rattle) of Soros (16 type of materials). The 16 type materials and minerals used were;

1. Lek Lai
2. Lek Namphee
3. Rae Jak Narai
4. San Kha Wanorn
5. Chao Nam Ngern
6. Thong
7. Silver
8. Nak (Pink Gold)
9. Copper -
10. Brass
11. Casiiterite
12. Wulframe
13. Chin
14. Black Lead
15. Wild Lead
16. Metal on top of ancient pagoda

These materials were mixed together and be known as Soros (16) including the old leftover materials of Phra Pidta Soros Mongkol from Wat Laem Sai, Songkhla B.E.2481. The feature Rian Kring ( rattle ) Achan Chum Chaikiri - Phra Pakhawambodi (Pidta) on the reverse side with the yant / khata akhom .............

"Soros – Pha Khawa Suk Khato - Akrahang - Nak Uk Ak Mik"

This Rian Kring Achan Chum Chaikiri - Phra Pakhawambodi was specially chanted for 16 days and nights. Chanted and blessed personally by Achan Chum himself. This superb rian also chanted together inside the Wat Trimit Wararam Samut Prakarn’s ubosotd by 4 sacred spirits (came through the medium). These INVITED sacred spirits were Luang Pu Thuad’s, Kromluang Chumporn’s, Luang Pu Khong’s (Khun Paen Master) and Lord Ganesha’s spirit.

The last ceremony was held on Thursday 8th May B.E.2518. Many great Guru Monks were invited to co-bless the Rian Kring Achan Chum Chaikiri - Phra Pakhawambodi. According to Achan Chum, this rian is superb for general protection from all black magic, klew khad, khongkhapan chatri, maha amnaj and as well as metta mahaniyom.

Mai Kru Kaiyasit BE 2524

Achan Chum Chaikhiri made the Mai Kru Kaiyasit according to an ancient "Pichaisongkram Book" secrets. Achan Chum started inscribing yant on the lead sheets on 20th November BE 2523 (Thursday), it took him 70 days to finish inscribed all yants and prepared the sacred powder at Samnak Kunchea Saiyasart.

Mass chanting ceremony was held at Tham Fad cave in Kanchanaburi province, with more than 20 great gurus from Khao Ork magic school joined the ceremony. Achan Chum Mai Kru were made of various kind of sacred wood ( mai ), such as ….

Mai Mahaprom ( Maha Bhrama wood ) – white-yellow colour
Mai Makha Tai Prai - standing dead Makha tree
Mai Makha Fah Pha – Makha tree struck by lightning
Mai Prado Songtham Mai Chaiya Plueg
Mai Raja Plueg
Mai Kamjad Mai Kamjai ( wood stuck by elephant tusk )
Kalaphangha ( black sea coral )

The Mai Kru were also specially filled with sacred materials such as;

(1) Filled with black Phra Sadej Klab
(2) Pasted with gold leaf before chanting eremony (Nam Rerk)
(3) Filled and attached with Lek Lai ore

Achan Chum Chaikiri’s Mai Kru can be used for various purposes for example, Metta Mahaniyom – Mahasanaeh, Khlew Khad, cure Illness, dispel and discard black magic, make holy water, if you put under the pillow and recite some incantation the mai kru will warn and alert you if there is bad thing / mishap / unexpected occurrences is going to befall upon you, can be used for blessing and attractiveness purposes.

Phong Wanj Chang Pasom Klom

Phong Wan Chang Pasom Klom (Elephant copulating / breeding powder), was made by Achan Chum Chaikhiri. This great charming powder was made of Phong Ittikjea ( powder ), Phong Na Phatamung, Phong Yan Kamnerd Sam ( 3 ). These materials are the top secret ingredients in making of Metta Maha Niyom-Maha Sanaeh (Attractiveness) amulet. These top secret materials were then been mixed with Phong Wanj Chang Pasom Klom Tua Pu (Male) and Wanj Chang Pasom Klom Tua Mae (Female) or widely known as Wanj Phaya Thep Krua.

This Phong Wanj Chang Pasom Klom is the best of attractiveness amulet ever made by Achan Chum Chaikiri. According to the formula, this Phong Wanj Chang Pasom Klom can be used to utilize harmoniousness among people in group, in the family and relatives. They will be in love with harmony, can be used to quit encroach, subdue the anger or quit fighting. Even between spouses, they will be loved with each other.

Achan Chum used to say that……

“ You don't even have to open the capsule cap, you can just bring it along with you, it is good enough to see / feel the power of this Chang Pasom Klom powder “ .

Achan Chum added that…...

“ Use with moral or otherwise, you will be cursed ! “

Takrut MahaUd Pikchaisongkram,
BE2516 and BE 2524

Achan Chum learned to make this type of Takrud from 5 top Southern Achans, who were studied from Samnak Khao Ork. This takrut Maha Ud Pikchai Songkram was mass chanted in Tham Suer cave, Thak Muang, Kanchanaburi province in BE 2516 ( for the white string – the 1st batch ) and BE2521, 18th February ( for the red string ). After this ceremony BE2521, Achan.Chum had brought all the takruts to be re-chanted during Phansa in BE.2524. 

According to Achan Chum leaflets, in general takrut Pikchai Songkram endows with the super power of becoming invisible before enemy's eyes, Khong Khraparncatri, Maha Amnaj and as well as Khlew Khad. Achan Chum added that the takrut is good for protection and preventing danger from all type of weapons. To use 4 of them together, not only to protect the user, but also can protect the people surrounding, family members in a home, or even whole military troops. Superb !

 The quadruplets version consists of 4 takruts tied together as 1 set, each of the takrut approximately 9.7 c.m. long, with Achan Chum’s hand-written yant on both sides of the lead sheet and been inserted with sacred powder and herbs, the takrut then was rolled, wrapped with red clothe and tied with white ( BE 2516 ) and red thread ( BE 2524 ).

Luang Pu Kong,Achan ( teacher of ) Phra Khun Paen Bucha Statue

Phra Luang Pu Kong @ Ta Krua Khong from ancient history was the first teacher of Great General Khun Paen. Luang Pu Kong lived in Wat Tan ( or well known as Wat Kae or Kare) in Suphanburi, since Ayutthaya was Rachatani (Thailand's metropolitan back dated 400 years ago).

This Luang Pu Kong – Achan Khun Paen ( Khun Paen’s Master) 5 inches lap bucha statue was made and blessed by late Achan Chum Chaikiri in BE 2523. This bucha was mass chanted by many great gurus at special Great Phra Arahant Paed Tids ceremony on 13 January BE.2523, Somdej Phra Pudthajarn (Sa Ngiam) of Wat Suthat was the leader master of the ceremony.

This bucha is made of resin mixed with many sacred powder such as Kesorn and Wanj 108. Before making Luang Pu Kong, Achan Chum Chaikiri had sought and granted permission from Luang Pu Kong spirit via the spiritual medium.

Rub Meurn Luang Pu Kong ( Khunpaen Master ) BE2505

In BE2496, Luang Pu Kong's spirit ( via the spiritual medium - an officer from Patthalung province) revealed the buried secret of an ancient textbooks to Achan Chum Chaikhiri. The ancient book consists of the top secret of creating a sacred powder amulet - Phra Phong Thep Nimit. Luang Pu Kong directed Achan Chum to dig out the buried ancient textbook. Luang Pu Kong's spirit asked Achan Chum Chaikiri to dig up his bones remaining including Phra Yod Khunpol and Phra Khun Paen amulets buried under the base of the ancient pagoda that he kept in Wat Tan centuries ago. Achan Chum Chaikiri then sought official permission from the Fine Arts Department to dig out the sacred remaining. Then Achan Chum sought ALUYAK ( permission ) from Luang Pu Khong's spirit to create statue and inserted the dug up bones inside the statue and amulets.

During the making and blessing ceremony of his roob meurn and statue, Luang Pu Kong's spirit came through the medium and helped to consecrate the amulets for 3 months. Achan Chum said this batch of amulets were made to be given out / used by military troops and policemen.

Phra Chinaraj ThaRuea Phim Yai/Lek, Wat Phra Baromathat BE2497

Phra Chinnaraj Thar Ruea Pim Yai and Phim Lek, Wat Phra Baromathat, Nakhon Sri Thammarat province. Made in BE2497 by Achan Chum Chaikhiri. These Phra Chinnaraj Thar Ruea Phim Yai and Phim Lek were chanted continously for 7 days and 7 nights for 7 different purposes such as;

Metta Mahaniyom (Attractiveness) chanted for 7 days 7 nights.
Kongkrapan Chatri (Body Protection) chanted for 7 days 7 nights.
Maha Utd (Fire arm and sharp objects protection) chanted 7 days 7 nights. Protection against poisonous animal and insects chanted for 7 days 7 nights. Protection against evil spirits and illnesses chanted for 7 days 7 nights.

Besides Achan Chum Chaikiri, these Phra Chinnaraj Thar Ruea Phim Yai and Phim Lek were co-chanted by 108 Great Guru Monks, for example...

1. Chao Khun Phra Pattara Munee, ( Wat Phra Barom Mathat ),
2. Phor Than Khlai (Wat Suan Khan),
3. Phor Than Kling (Wat Thalung Thong),
4. Luang Phor Oppasi (Arsom Bang Mod),
5. Luang Pu Keaw (Wat Hrong Bon),
6. Luang Pu Daeng (Wat Tha Sala),
7. Achan Parn (Wat Khao Ork ),
8. Luang Phor Kong (Wat Bahn Suan),
9. Luang Phor Dist (Wat Pak Sra),
10. Luang Phor Moon (Wat Khao Daeng, Tawarn Ork),
11. Luang Phor Song (Wat Chao Fa Sala Loi),
12. Luang Phor Peurm (Wat Koh Lak),
13. Luang Phor Daeng (Wat Khao Bandai It),
14. Luang Phor Ngern (Wat Don Yai Hom),
15. Luang Phor Tae (Wat Sam Ngam)
16. Achan Karawas
17. Achan Nam Kaew Chan
18. Khun Phandarak Rajadej
19. other great gurus...

Phra Chinaraj Wat Tha Pae B.E. 2511


This superb Phra Chinaraj of Wat Tha Pae, Nakhonsrithammarat, was specially made for Miliitary unit that join Vietnam War. Made by Captain Thieng Pueksamas, using old mixture of B.E.2497's batch donated by Khun Pundarak Rachadej and Ancient amulet powder of Wat Nangkra, donated by Luangphor Heet Wat Bangpoo, mixed with old amulet powder from most of Archan in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Phong Patamung, Ittije, Mahalaluay from best Magical Archan together for create this batch of Amulet.
Chanting ceremony were held on 24, 25, 26 September, in B.E.2511 by many great guru monks and white robe achan including Achan Num, Achan Khong, Achan Nand of Phattalung, Achan Chum Chaikhiri and disciples group of Lungsuan, Chumphorn, Achan Khun Pundarak Rachadej, Achan Chaeng Wat Lao, Thasala, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Achan Rod, Wat Pradu, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Achan Phrakru Sang, Achan Jerm Wat Yai, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Achan Muanng Wat Pakbang, Thaphaya, Pakpanang, Achans and Monks from Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Phra Nakprok, Wat Yuan Saphan Khao BE2497

Phra Phong Wiset 108 Kru, made of Sacred Clay, Kesorn and Wanj 108 collected from all over country. Achan Chum Chaikiri had collected powder and broken ancient amulets fragments from more than 20 Kru in Suphanburi province, weight in total of 300 Kg plus 100Kg from North and North Eastern of Thailand and leave them at Wat Yuan Saphan Khao @ Wat Samananum Boriharn.

 During 16 May-5 June B.E.2497, Achan Chum started making a batch of amulet for Wat Yuan Sapan khao for the total of 84,000 pieces. Chanted according to the Khao Ork style chanting ceremony and also chanted by Phra Archan Bao Earng and Dr. Archiwaka Komarapaj's spirits ( Pu Shivok ). Can be used to make charming oil and holy bath by dipping or submerge the Phra Naprok into the oil and blessed water.

See Phueng Mahasanaeh Mae Nangfah,

See Phueng Mahasanaeh Mae Nangfah (Attractiveness lip balm of an Angel) See Phueng Mahasanaeh Mae Nangfah by Achan Chum Chaikiri was consecrated in Tham Khoa Nguen cave, Amphoe Lungsuan, Chumporn, in BE2511. Luang Phor khong Wat Bahnsuan was the master of the ceremony.
Superb for Metta Mahaniyom, Mahasanaeh, Mahararuay - speak only the beautiful and persuasive words. Also good for discarding love black magic especially voodoo that makes people hate each other, when apply the casted couple will compromise, in love and reunited as a love couple. Apply onto eyebrows, face, lip or jus touch the seepheung before any negotiation, you will be dazed and loved by people.

Yant Thor Wat Khao Ork,
Wat Phra Baromathat B.E.2497

 Made in B.E.2497 by Achan Chumchaikiri and 108 Great Monks, for examples...

1. Chao Khun Phra Pattara Munee, ( Wat Phra Baromathat ),
2. Luang Phor Opasi (Arsrom Bang Mod),
3. Luang Pu Keaw (Wat Hrong Bon),
4. Luang Phor Daeng (Wat Tha Sala),
5. Phor Than Klai (Wat Suan Khan),
6. Phor Than Kling (Wat Thalung Thong),
7. Achan Phor Parn (Wat Khao Or),
8. Luang Phor Khong (Wat Bahn Suan),
9. Luang Phor Dis (Wat Pak Sra),
10. Luang Phor Moon (Wat Khao Daeng, Tawarn Ork),
11. Luang Phor Song (Wat Chao Fa Sala Loi),
12. Luang Phor Peurm (Wat Koh Lak),
13. Luang Phor Daeng (Wat Khao Bandai It),
14. Luang Phor Nguen (Wat Don Yai Hom),
15. Luang Phor Tae (Wat Sam Ngam)
16. Achan Karawas
17. Achan Chum Chaikiri,
18. Achan Num Kaew Chan
19. Khun Phandarak Rajadej
20. other great gurus...

Chanted for 7 different purposes, each for 7 days, like..

Metta Mahasaneh Mahaniyom (Attractiveness) for 7 days,
Kongkrapan Chatri (Body Protection) for 7 days,
Maha Utd (Fire Arm Protection) 7 days,
Protection against poisonous animal and insects for 7 days,
Protect against evil spirits and illnesses for 7 days.

Chanted for 7 different purposes, each for 7 days, like.. Medta Mahaniyom (Attractiveness) for 7 days, Kongkrapan (Body Protection) for 7 days, Maha Utt (Arms Protection) 7 days, Protect from Animal and Insects for 7 days, Protect from Evil Spirits and Illness for 7 days. “Phim Yant Thor" - Main yant character of Samnak Khao Ork. This Yan Thor is good for various usages.

Phra Sivalee 2511
Phayant Phra Sivalee

Phra Siwalee Khao Orr chanting ceremony B.E.2511 at Wat Tham Khao Nguern, Chormporn. Mixture of assorted kind of Wanj ( sacred powder ) that provide Luck and Attractiveness.

- Wanj Mahasetthi
- Wanj Nguen
- Wanj Thongkam,
- Wanj Khorlarp
- Wanj Kor Nguen
- Wanj Kor Thong
- Wanj Nangkuack
- Wanj Nang Lom
- Wanj Nang Khum
- Wanj Phra nang Makawadi
- Wanj Phoi Sia
- Wanj Phoi Tan
- Wanj Sanaeh Chanhom Daeng
- Wanj Sanaeh Chanhom Khao
- Wanj Kumarnthong
- Wanj Mae Klom Look
- Yod Rak, Yod Sawat, Yod Kaloang,
- Phong ( powder )Ittije
- Phong Nak Pathamung
- 9 of Molehill soil, fragrant flowers and Sandal.

Achan Chum Chaikiri has brought this same batch of amulets to Re-chanted again at Ubosoth of Wat Chamni Hattakarn, Bangkok, in B.E.2515. Luang Phor Khong Wat Bahnsuan with other best Southern Keji monks total of 9 together with Keji Monks from middle part of Thailand, Luang Pu Toh - Wat Pradoochimplee, Luangphor Ngern Wat DonYaihom and other great monks also join the Mass ceremony).

Chau Mae Kuan Yim Bhodisatva BE2500/02

This Guan Yim amulet was neither made by Achan Chum Chaikiri nor Phor Than Khlai of Wat Suan Khan. This Guan Yim amulet was sent to Achan Chum at Samnak Khuncea Saiyasat in Bangkok for no reason. Achan Chum had rejected and resent back the boxes to the sender. The amulets were then resent back to Archan Chum right after that. Achan Chum had sent back the boxes for 3 times and as a result, the boxes then were resent back to Achan Chum every time he sent back the amulets.

Achan Chum then accepted the amulets and conducted the blessing ceremony led by late Phor Than Khlai, Wat Suan Khan. Nowadays this Chau Mae Guan Im was accepted by devotees as the creation of Phor Than Khlai and Achan Chum Chaikiri.

Merely Sharing !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk
sadhu sadhu


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