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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Coming Up Next .........................

Who Is Tok Pa @ Pok Pa  ?
Is He The Real Tok Raja's Disciple ?
Do You Know Him In Person ?
Is He Practising The Bangsek's Vichah ?

The famous Qs asked by my blog readers. My simple answer to all the questions is .........


I DON'T  KNOW who is Pok Pa, I DON'T  KNOW whether he is real Than Kong's disciple or not,  I DON'T  KNOW him in person and last but not least I DON'T  KNOW whether the vichah that he had practiced is according to the Bangsek's lineage or not  !

Recently Famous ?
Recently claimed as Tok Raja's disciple ?
Why recently ?

Frankly, my answer to those Qs is NO ! This is because, before the controversy sparks, he already claimed himself as one of Than Kong's Looksik.  Perhaps before year 2000 he already gained his FAMOUS status as  THAN KONG'S MALAY LOOKSIK. I used to meet once, while accompanying my brother in law to collect his Pre-Order Nang Khuat's Pharyant in year 2002. So, bear in mind that .................

"I will be right back.....STAY TUNED !"


Tuesday, November 28, 2017



 Composing starts on 28 June 2017


Sharing the great treasure of 22 years old live voice recording of late Phor Luang Kaew a.k.a Phor Kae Kaew of Lubuk Stong, Rantau Panjang.

This live recording was made in early 1995 during various events of “ Waikroo and “ Vithi Sorn / Rian Khata Akhom of late Than Kong ”. These 7 recording tapes were made few years before Phor Kae Kaew Moranak – passed away in 1999.

Why only in 1995 ? Why not earlier than that ?

The answer is very simple. Before 1990’s, it’s hard to obtain such a high tech recording device. Perhaps at that time it’s a rare electronic gadget. Even a popular gadget like WALK-MAN was introduced / made its 1st appearance in 1990’s. This Sanyo Tape Voice Recorder was bought in early 1995 at RM99.

The feature photo of Sanyo Tape Recorder and the 7-piece of tapes of late Phor Kae Kaew khatas / voice recording

Before 1995, most of the “Waikroo and Vithi Sorn / Rian khata akhom” events were made via “CHALK and TALK”. Phor Kae will use a small black board and a chalk – pen and paper to inscribe and scribble the yant or khata akhom. Guides and explanations were made before jotting it down in my note book – copying the old style palm leaves incarnation scriptures. After sometimes, Phor Kae didn’t use the black board to inscribe and teach jant anymore, Phor Kae said…........

Tuo Doh, Dok Ceakak Nok Lukih Jant Doh, ambik Mon Jah Lah !

( I’m getting old, no more energy to inscribe the yantra, just learn khata verbally instead ! ).

In this short 3 minutes MP4 video, you can hear the original voice recording of late Phor Kae. The live recording depicts how late Phor Kae teaches and guides me on some of the Than Kong’s rare vichas and khatas. If you listen carefully at 0.04 and 0.49 seconds. Phor Kae did mentioned bout the khata owner ( “Khata Than Cau Khun Khek - [ means Malay ], Khata Khek Achan Long Phor Khron and Khata Tok Ku Cai Nong” Although been denied by certain parties and gurus by claiming that late Than Kong DID NOT HAVE / RECITE / USE ANY MALAY AYAT ! Well it’s hard to swallow but you have to guys ! Money can BUY you but not your PRIDE ! Money can make you to TWIST the facts but not the TRUTH ! Speak only the truth !



Dear friends, bear in mind that, this MP4 was produced via video editor App and it’s a compilation of various parts of the original tape voice recording ( not in CONTINUOUS form !) and the khatas that you guys heard are INCOMPLETE ! Do not try to recite or combine it……… 走火入魔 @ BACK FIRE guys !

Please don’t get me wrong, sharing this treasure does not mean that I wanna proof something here. Although there’s a temptation to do so ( few years back ) when some bunch of the so call Kelantan Amulets Experts keep on condemning / tarnishing my name via Online Amulets Forum / Page by accusing me as A GREAT LIAR ! Since the sharing is done here today and i hope that this chunk of recording could help you guys to wake up and stop your day light dreaming hence realize that…….. Perhaps in late 1980’s and early 1990’s you guys ( SOME ) either not yet born or still clad in your primary school uniform and you have zero knowledge about Than Kong, Phor Luang Kaew, and Bangsek Vicha. Do correct me if I’m wrong bout that !

Back to the sharing. I still remember the first time I started to record the voice recording was when Phor Kae taught me the “Mon Ann Nam Sadok Krok, Tor Ayut”, the same khata taught to Late Phor Than Dee of Wat Maisuwankiri. It’s a long and complicated mon / khata. Since I’m not good in conversing in Thai, thus I have  to record it.

In one of the recording tapes ( not in the feature MP4 ), late Phor Kae used to share his great story about how Than Kong used his Mai Thaw Mahathera to overpowered the Malay Kampung Gangsters by reciting khata and swung it over / above his head. As a result the 3 gangsters were thrown back and laid onto the ground. In order to trace that story I have to rewind and listen to all the recording tapes. I will share it again when I got it kay !

Is it an authentic voice recording ? Needed to be verified and certified by AN EXPERT ? I guess, ONLY those who used to meet, listen and talk to late Mor Keaw could do that. Perhaps, only a few ............ ( correct me if i'm wrong ! )

By and by, listening to your great SEXY VOICE causes bead of tear rolls down my cheek unwillingly. Really miss you Phor Kae ! You are the greatest Than Kong’s Looksit ever. Don’t forget to “VISIT” me ya !

Composing ends on 28 November  2017



Merely Sharing !
Sabbe satta sukhita hontuk !


Thursday, July 6, 2017

cOMING uP nEXT !!!!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Phra Phakawam Phim Bao Phrakob Mee Hu

Bangsek's Phra Phakawam

 Composing starts on 12 October 2016


Feeling good sharing in this year of Fire Rooster. Presenting the Phra Phakawam Phim Bao Phrakob Mee Hu by late Khron Ratchanaren of Wat Uttamaram Bangsek, Kampung Teresek Batu 3, Pasir Mas Kelantan. This Phra Phakawam Phim Bao Phrakob Mee Hu was one of the earlier batches of  Phakawam that made and consecrated by Phor Than Kong. This Phra Phakawam was given only to close looksit – mainly to Phor Mor ( local Bomoh - white robe achan ).

This Phra Phakawam was presented to me ( together with the  Black Look Om ) by Long Key ( Seng Kee ), my late guru who resided in Bukit Sireh, Kuala Krai. Long Key was one of the late Than Kong disciples. Before ordaining as monk in Wat Uttamaram, Long Kee is already a qualified Phor Mor. Long Key learnt his MOR Vicha from his grandfather. During the ordaination and his stayed in Wat uttamaram, Long Key was taught some rare Bangsek Vichah by Late Than Kong. Some of the great wichah that he learnt from Than Kong were Vicha Nang Kwai, Vicha ‘Air Palo Siku’ and Vicha ‘Nasi Kepal or Palo Nasi’.
Friends of mine used to claim that this piece of phakhawam as A FAKE @  A FIRST CLASS IMMITATIONPIDNAR because of the ROUGH ( with scratch marks ) surface. He claimed that ALL Than Kong Phakhawan should be in SMOOTH ( scratch free ) surface. Hahahahahaha ! What a brilliant general statement to conclude the NEUR of the Phra Phakhawam by late Than Kong.
Another friend of mine claimed that this piece of phakhawam is made by late Than Chan and Than Jerk of Wat Weng Nikhom. He said that the design and the body posture are parallel with the last batch of Phra Pidta 2530-33. When asked to clarify further, he said that...... FROM THE PHOTOS, I CAN SEE AND TELL YOU THE VAST SIMILLIARTITIES OF THE CHARACTERISTICS BETWEEN THE TWO ! Hahahaha, "from the photos" ........ superb bro ! I dun wanna place any comment over here, just look at the photos and decide. As wise saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words, implicitly and explicitly !

 Than Jerk & Chau Khun Chan's Pidta.
Photos taken from various internet sources for sharing purposes

Sharing my naïve knowledge regarding Than Kong’s Phakhawam - Correct me if I’m wrong ! Than Kong had made VARIOUS PHIMS of Phra Pidnar @ Phra Phakhawam. NONE of the PHIMS made FEATURES @ SHARES @ CONTAINS 100% of the SAME neur and design. Meaning to say that, each phim is different to one another. The uniqueness of the NEUR   COMPOSITION and TEXTURE, the specific  YANTRA used and the STYLE  of how the khom / yantra are inscribbed are MOSTLY ALIKE but TOTALLY NOT 100% the SAME ! Thus, we can’t simply take @ use ONLY one particular phim of the phakhawam as a  marking standard to compare and contrast for all phims phakhawam made. All  ***** pieces of Phakhawam that I owned are made in differs years so the ***** pieces bear the contrast colours and  texture and although the same formula is used to produce them.

Whether we like it or not, it's inappropriate for us to LABEL or CLAIM certain batches of Than Kong pidtas are fake by looking at the photos per se. The lighting effects, the resolution, the background, the colour of the background of the photos captured can be deceiving ! ( We are talking about the genuine Than Kong's pidnar here, we are not referring to the 100% FAKE pieces. Fake is fake. You dun hafta crack your head to verify it ! ).  In order to verify @ certify  the 50/50 ( uncertain ) “genuinity” or “genuineness” of the phakhawan, we need more than our Superb Eagle Eyes skill to do so. The most crucial part of the authenticity processes that been practised  by most of the Thai Amulets Experts is non other than PERSONAL HANDLING because as I mentioned earlier, PHOTOS CAN BE DECEIVING !

Phakhawan in different dims of light, resolutions  and backgrounds.

It’s not easy to identify the authenticity of Than Kong’s Phakhawam. It needs time and tones of experiences to learn and develop the skills. There are thousands of FAKES AND IMITATIONS of Than Kong’s Phakhawam in amulet markets. A lot of naïve collectors & newbies buy these fakes and imitations. Nowadays, these fakes and imitations are sold like a hot cake via websites and social media. Foreign buyers who have no knowledge on Bangsek’s stuffs can easily be prey of the unreliable online dealers.
 Comparisons between the 2 pieces - below ( found by chance ) & above  ( mine ) depicting the same design and characteristics. From the photos the Phakhawam looks different because of the resolution ( amateur and professional photo capturing ) and  because of the picture resizing effects.

It's really tough tasks indeed to learn on how to identify the genuine Than Kong’s Pidnar Phakhawam. As for me, if we ONLY use the 10x or perhaps 20x magnifying lens to magnify ONLY ONE phim of phakhawam in order to conclude the authenticity of ALL Than Kong’s Phakhawam.  Absolutely, we are naive ! This is because there are wide range of imprints, materials, colours, textures, surface characteristics, yantra etc. We need some serious skills in order to differentiate these factors. Perhaps we also need the superb eagle eyes to differentiate and conclude everything that we saw under the magnifying lens. As for me, the simple do’s and dont’s in collecting Than Kong’s stuffs are…….

1.  avoid the unknown or strange-look Than Kong’s stuffs, collect only a standard design @ phim

2.  before collecting any, please study their imprints and characteristics thoroughly,

3.   ask and ask around, if you are not familiar with the imprints,

4.   gather in-depth information on the owner or the previous owner of the stuff

5.   get @ buy it from the ethical and trustable dealers ! Don’t blindly trust what you hear because most of the times it’s only a making up @ propaganda story, use your brain instead !

6.   ask and keep on asking if you are doubt of any …… !

7. if you are endowed with super meditating skill, try to COMMUNICATE with the pidta or even Than Kong to get the authenticity of the Than Kong Phakhawam.

Many asking me bout the standard designs @ phims to be referred to and asked me to share the ONE so called FAKE & SCAM Tok Raja’s Phakhawam so that they can be aware off. Do accept my sincere apologises as I unable to share the fake & scam pidta photos openly here, I might be sued if I did so ! Orang Cari Makan, Janganlah Kita Masukkan Pasir Ke Dalam Periuk Nasi Mereka ! Hahahahaha

BTW, below are the links of the web site / blog and FB page that used to share the genuine Tok Raja’s stuffs. Bear in mind that…….

*** I neither have any link nor business deal with those bloggers & social page’s owner. Merely sharing !

*** The contents of the blog / web site proposed link is just for study / reference purposes and I’m not liable to any lost or damages due to the negligent caused.

*** Browse at your own risks

Back to the sharing of the Phra Phakawam Phim Bao Phrakob Mee Hu. This phakhawan NEUR are rough with SCRACTHING MARKS on all over the phakhawam  body.

These scratching marks was a natural marks due to the 2 occurrences;

1.  Scratching marks during the final finishing usingDAUN MEMPELAS” - Tetracera Indica leaf. Those times sandpaper was a rare item and it was not easy to be obtained. As a substitute to the modern sandpaper, our late Than Kong used Daun Pelas @ Mempelas to SCRUB and POLISH the amulets. The mempelas leaves are harvested from the wild and used locally as a sandpaper, whilst the plant also has a range of local medicinal uses. For instance, the roots and leaves are used to treat itch. The finely crushed young shoots are made into a poultice and put on bites of poisonous snakes and the fruits are used as a treatment against common cold.  If you are familiar ( used to use ) with the usage of “Daun Mempelas”, you will notice the natural scratch marks after rubbing or scrubbing using daun PELAS.    
Daun Pelas @ Mempelas

2.   The second reason for the scratching marks is the ROUGH WEARING / STORING by the owner. This phakhawam was kept inside the tobacco plastic. This folded tobacco plastic was kept inside the “Rolled Top of the Sarong”.  The rolling top creates a tight roll at the top that will hold the sarong in place at your waist to prevent the sarong to slip or loosen. 

 Sarong Top

Next, sharing is regarding the black look om that originally given to me together with the pidnar. SOTONG  ? Yupe, Most of Kelantan Amulet Experts and some friends of mine labelled this look om as fake @ imitate just because of its BLACK COLOUR. As for them, all Than Kong’s Look Om should be in BROWN COLOUR, parallel with most of the Than Kong’s Phakhawan Phim Phrakob Mee Hu. They added that, the black colour wanj is only for Pidta Phim Sam Liam a.k.a Pidta Dok Bua @ Lotus Pidta. There's no as such black lookom. Okay, no hard feeling guys !

My only response to them is ………. Generally, Look Om is made from the left over wanj from the amulet of certain batches of amulet. In some instances look om can also be made from chewed betel nuts ( Chan Mark & Mark Tui ) from the prominent monks.  Talking about Than Kong’s Look Om, the colour of the look om is determined by the left over wanj that used to make phra phakhawam. Differ batches of phra phakhawam will use and bear the differ texture of materials. Meaning to say that while making brown phakhawam, the look om made from this left over brown phakhawam will bear the same colour with the phra phakhawam. So on and so forth …….

 Sharing the 2 Than Kong Phakhawan Bao Phrakob and Look Om
( NOT parallel in colour and texture )

Than Kong Sam Liam Pidta and Look Om 
( parallel in colour and texture )

Than Chan Janrak Coated ‘Gulengtao’ Pidta BE2522 and Look Om 
( parallel in colour and texture )

Than Chan Last Batch Pidta BE2533 and Look Om
( parallel icolour and texture )

Than Deng Look Seur Phra Nang Phaya BE 2519 and Look om
( parallel in colour and texture )

Than Dam Phra Pidnar BE2536 and Look om
( parallel in colour and texture )

As a recap, the black look om is actually made from the left over wanj to make Phakhawam Sam Liam. No hard feeling ya !

By and by, Long Key used to share a great story of this phakhawam and the power of Yant Kropetch. Long Key used to say that Than Kong emphasized that by using his Phakhawam and reciting the certain verses of Yant Kropetch – each line / verse can be used for differ purposes ! For instances, if you recite the ( last ) 8th line of the Yant Kropetch - A Wik Suk Nut Sar Nu Tik in full concentration, you will be endowed the supernatural power of JANG NGANG & GAMBANG TON – Power to Stun @ Stupefy the enemy & Invincible before enemy eyes.
Long Key emphasized that he used to MUM this phakhawam while reciting the 8th line of the Kropetch verses and his enemy couldn’t speak upon him and at the same time his anger was subduing

Phor Luang Keaw used to share the same formulas of using the Yant Kropetch ( with certain secrets @ formulas to be followed ) for various purposes. Below are the embedded secrets of the Kropetch verses ( Bear in mind that, the sharing is NOT following the Yant Kropetch order - email me if you wanna know more, TQ );

1.  Power of Jang Ngang ( to stun @ stupefy the enemy )2. Power of neutralising Mai Far Phar ( wood struck by lightning)
3.  Power of making holy water
4. Power of making Phong Metta Endu ( Charming powder )
5.  Power of consecrating and evoking the amulets power
6.   Power of Maha Ud & Khong Khraparn Chatri
7.   Power of healing
8.   Power of Kham Dert Sear (Tiger Roars )
9.   Power of subduing enemy angers
10.  Power of Gambang Ton ( invincible before enemy eyes )

Composing ends on 4 July 2017
Merely Sharing,
sabbe satte sukhita hontuk
sadhu sadhu sadhu

Wiesukhihotu Din Daeng

Monday, March 6, 2017

Mariam Oh Mariam !

Mariam @ Meroyan @ Postpartum Depression ?
Frustrations of 21st Century living ?

Click here for the The Real Stories ......................

Pensyarah Sains Kejururawatan Universiti Malaya (UM) Rasnah Abdul Rahman berkata, umumnya terdapat tiga postpartum depression atau meroyan.

"Kategori pertama juga dipanggil maternal blues atau baby blues dan ia gangguan ringan yang semua ibu yang melahirkan boleh dapat yang kebiasaannya tidak disedari mereka. Kategori pertama akan hilang dengan sendirinya dengan sokongan keluarga dan orang sekeliling dalam tempoh 10 hari.

"Kedua postpartum major depression, lebih berat sedikit yang biasanya berkaitan dengan pengalaman yang lebih teruk seperti ibu akan cepat marah, menangis tidak tentu pasal dan tidak mahu berjumpa orang lain,"  Bagi kategori kedua yang boleh berlanjutan selama sebulan, ia berlaku atas sebab seperti kelahiran yang tidak dijangka, ada masalah hubungan suami isteri atau pengalaman pahit semasa melahirkan dan perlu mendapatkan rawatan.

"Kategori ketiga atau paling teruk iaitu postpartum psychosis lebih kepada masalah mental yang kebiasannya ada gangguan terhadap tingkah laku, halusinasi dalam pandangan dan pendengaran.

"Mereka tidak sedar kelakuan mereka tetapi orang lain boleh dapat mengenalpasti dan boleh berlanjutan sehingga lima tahun sekiranya tidak diubati,"
Pensyarah Sains Kejururawatan Universiti Malaya (UM) Rasnah Abdul Rahman  

The birth of a baby can trigger a jumble of powerful emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and anxiety. But it can also result in something you might not expect — depression !

Many new moms experience the "postpartum baby blues" after childbirth, which commonly include mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Baby blues typically begin within the first two to three days after delivery, and may last for up to several weeks  and can up to a year !

But some new moms experience a more severe, long-lasting form of depression known as postpartum depression. Rarely, an extreme mood disorder called postpartum psychosis also may develop after childbirth.

Postpartum depression isn't a character flaw or a weakness. Sometimes it's simply a complication of giving birth. If you have postpartum depression, prompt treatment can help you manage your symptoms, seek  BOTH modern and traditional if NEEDED ! Dun wait until it too late ..............

Sharing On Mariam 01

Sharing On Mariam 02

Sharing On Mariam 03

Sharing On Mariam  04

Sharing On Mariam 05

Mariam @ Meroyan @ Postpartum Depression, doesn't matter how do you call or  name it.  Dun take it easily ! As I said before........... identify and manage the symptoms, talk to your loved one, seek help from BOTH modern and traditional expert !755 Dun wait until it too late !

Below is my previous blog post on how late Than Kong and Phor Luang Keaw treated and cured Mariam ! 

Merely sharing,

I'm not provoking @ providing any treatment here .........
Seek other qualified gurus @ achan please !

Thanks in advance !

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Coming Up Next ............

Phra Phakhawam Phim Bao  PhraKob Mee Hu by our Great Tok Raja Khron of Wat Batu 3, Kampung Teresek, Repek Bangsek.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Khun Paen Thuk Darb Fa by Late Than Long of Wat Ariyakiri, Bachok & Wat Tendong, Pasir Mas.

omposing begins on 16 June 2016.

Khun Paen Thuk Darb Fa by Late Than Long of Wat Ariyakiri & Wat Tendong
Featuring the Great General Khun Paen  Thuk Darb  Fa Thuk Look Kuman ( Clasping Lightning Sword & Kuman ) made and consecrated by late Than Long, one of the great disciples of Phrakru Viriyasangvorn @ Than Kru Lek of Wat Ariyakiri, Bachok. This khun paen was believed to be consecrated in between BE2519 – 2523 in Wat Tendong a.k.a Wat Chinpradittharam, Tendong, Pasir Mas Kelantan and was later brought to Wat Ariyakiri and safe kept by Than Long before distributing it to the devotees.
This Khun Paen Thuk Dard is actually the 2nd bacth khun paen made by late Than Long. The first batch khun paen is Khun Paen Phim Lek made of Wanj Roi Peth and Phong patamung and Itijea.
 Than Long’s 1st batch Khun Paen Phim Lek
According to Phor Luang Keaw ( retold the same story lines by Late Phor Kae Taharp, from Beris Kubur Besar ). Late Than Long did not satisfy with the power embedded within the first batch Khun Paen plus the 1st batch khun paen is easily to break. In order to complete his wish to make a superb unlimited power of Khun Paen amuletPlease bear in mind that, this Khun Paen is the effigy of General Khun Paen amulet – NOT the effigy of the Great BUDDHA as depicted in most Phra Khun Paen votive tablets. Than Long went for deep Chudong in Songkla deep forest and met a white robes Achan – Phor Mor. This Phor Mor was a great guru endowed with superb Vicha Metta Mahaniyom Mahasaneh stuff – making of Phong Metta Endu.
According to Phor Kae Taharp, in order to learn this rare  Metta Vicha, ones MUST enter the deep forest alone for  Chudong ( deep forest Samdhi ) and recite the  Metta Khatas provided. The most difficult part to be accomplished - Ones should stay alone ( NAKED to be exact ) for 7 days in isolated area and reciting certain verses in deep concentration. At certain level, ones will be VISITED by the arahant / reusi / spirit ( Some said it was Khun Paen himself and his Look Gumarn spirits indeed ). These UNSEEN guidance will HAND OVER the secret ingredients and guide on how to make Metta Mahaniyom Mahasaneh stuff.
 Than Long’s Khun Paen Thuk Darb Fa
The related story was retold to late Phor Kae Taharp by his guru – Mor Dee in Tanjung Beliat / Belit. His guru, Mor Dee emphasized that when he went to meet the same guru / achan ( forgot his name ! ) that taught late Than Long in Songkhla, he being told that one of the monks from Tendong, Malaysia came and learnt Vicha Metta Endu – Khai Hean Khai Rak, Khai Hean Khai Tak. Phor Kae Taharp added that, according to late Mor Dee, only a few could able to complete the ritual and mastered the whole vicha. Some were giving up their wish to gain this metta endu vicha as they could not bear the obstacles and hindrances during the 7-Day deep Samadhi.
Than Long’s See Pheung Kha Khai
To cut it short, just go and ask around some old folks around Pauh Lima-Aril and Pasir Mas – Tendong particularly, ( Bomoh lineage ) you will be told the same story on how this superb Khun Paen Thuk Darb Thuk Kuman was made. Perhaps you will be narrated the same story line and plot as I shared above. Most of veteran Kelantanese Phra Kreung enthusiasts knew this great story.
In making this  Khun Paen, Late Than Long used his secret blended ingredients that later he named / called as  Phong Saneh Darm ( Black compassionate grinded powder ). This Phong Saneh Darm were mixed / blended of various PHONG ( powder ) such as;
1.  Phong Metta Endu
    ( Powder of loving kindness ).
2.  Namman / See Pheung Naree Phai
    ( Love portion / Ointment of “Woman is defeated” )
3.  Phong Petnarthang
    ( Mixed minerals / ores ) from his master in Songkhla, Thailand.

 Special blended Phong Petnarthang
These specially blended Phong Petnarthang ( grinded ores powder ) were mostly stuffed at the Khun Paen’s belly and lap. Some were scattered around Khun Paen’s sword and Look Kumarn.

There was a rumours regarding the EXTRA SECRET ingredients in this khun paen, some irresponsible parties claimed that late Than Long stuffed this Khun Paen with Namman Prai Phee Tai Hong Thong Klom ( female who died in tragic way with an unborn foetus / child ) thus this Khun Paen contained a fierce roaming spirit. Meaning to say that, this khun paen is not suitable for Phasmophobia or Spectrophobia  ( fears of ghost ). For that, I would like to RUBBISH the claim and emphasis that, as far as my gurus concerned, late Than Long didn’t use / stuff this khun paen with Phee Tai Hong or Phee Tai Hong Thong Klom’s remaining. Late Than Long only used Phong Phrai Kuman ( widely used by most of Guru / Achan / Monk in creating Khun Paen or Kumanthong amulets ).
The Phong Prai Kuman was properly blessed and gone through the most difficult process in making Phong Phrai KumanBUATD PHEE.  To ‘ordain’ the roaming spirits so that they could not harm the wearer / worshipper  (won’t back fire !). In gaining the Phong Phrai Kuman, ones should get help from Achan Pachaa ( cemetery caretaker ) and Phor Mor ( white robes guru ) to fulfil the do’s and don’ts.
Friend of mine, doubt on this Khun Paen Thuk Darb Thuk Kuman’s sacred power. He said he can’t feel the power of this Khun Paen, for him it is just like any ordinary and newly made khun paen. As I said before, this khun paen contained Phong Prai Kuman. If you hang or wore it with other powerful Buddha or Monk votive tablets, or perhaps Taos’s 灵符 Chinese Deity Talisman. This Phong Phrai Kuman will never able to work or show off its 100% real power. If you wanna try the real power of this Khun Paen or other Phrai Kuman stuff. Try not to wear / hang it together with the others POWERFUL Buddha or Monk or any other Khan Tuar or Khan Khun Saaei Takruts.
Made in Wat Tendong @ Chinpradittharam, Tendong ?
Made in Wat Ariyakiri, Pauh Lima, Bachok ?
How many pieces were made and consecrated ?
Why there are two phims / colours made ?

There're no official record and documentation on where, when and the quantity of this Khun Paen was made. As far as I concerned ( Do correct me, if I’m wrong / misleading ! ). The are 2 types of this stunning khun paen, the first phim is TOTAL BLACK colour whereas the other version is mixed BLACK and GREY colours. Some may claim and say that the black is the 1st bath and the black and grey is the 2nd or redo batch.  For your information, there’s no such 2nd or redo batch for this khun paen. According to Phor kae Taharp ( Than Lek’s disciple and used to FOLLOW late Pok Lor ), there’s only 1 batch  / phim of this khun paen. Than Long made and consecrated it in Wat Tendong before he moved to Wat Ariyakiri after ”a crisis”  in Wat Tendong.
The BLACK version is the one that been distributed in Wat Tendong and part of it in Wat Ariyakiri. The BLACK GREY ( is actually mud tainted ) version was distributed in Wat Ariyakiri after they discovered the BUYUNG @ TEMPAYAN ( Jar ) containing Khun Paen and Phra Nang Phaya. After BAH KUNING or YELLOW FLOOD ( mud flood ).
After the flood, the Sangkri ( caretaker ) who was clearing and washing the mud from Than Long’s Traditional Herbs room - chapel basement by chance discovered both of Phra Khun Paen and Nang Phaya ( some were sunken in the thick mud soiled water and some were not ). They brought out the Khun Paen and Nang Phaya and placed it onto the papers to dry it under the hot sun for certain periods. That’s why some of  the Khun Paen were tainted with mud on the reverse side – the papers soaked the water and mud from beneath ( reverse side ) of the Khun Paen. Whereas, the totally mud tainted khun paen were discovered after the flood and the mud was already dried off.
To conclude the discussion so far, both phims of khun paen - mud tainted and mud tainted free ARE THE SAME KHUN PAEN AND BOTH ARE GENUINE KHUN PAEN THUK DARB that made and consecrated by late Than Long . So far I have met 2 amulets enthusiasts that used to share the same version of this mud stained Khun Paen story  ! Dun believe me blindly, go and ask around for in depth information on this ! Do correct me, if I’m wrong / misleading !

Images taken from other internet sources 

Images taken from friend's FB page and other internet sources 

Mud tainted free Phra Khun Paen
During his life time late Than Long used to help many people to solve their UPS & DOWNS, mostly on spiritual and marriage problems. Late Than Long was famous for his healing ability by using traditional herbs @ medicines. All walks of life, including Malay R ulers used to visit late Than Long to seek his help. Having said that, the old tarred road leads to Wat Ariyakiri was tarred during late Than Lek’s reign and  was fully tarred during late Than Long eras AFTER both of them GAVE A HAND to one of the Malay Rulers to cure his spiritual illnesses. Than Long is a kind hearted guru monk. He is willing to help the needy -- regardless their races and belief.
Than Long’s Kraduk Kae Palakid
This palakid was hand crafted by Than Long using old elephant bone. This palakid is rare indeed, not many people know about this palakid origin. They thought that it's a normal bone palakid that can be found in amulet shops shelves. 4 years back, I used to see this palakid (a piece)  still available and is safe kept inside the antique display shelf (right hand side of the main hall) in Wat Ariyakiri. If i'm not mistaken, it was kept inside the red plastic plate together with others broken amulets.
Than Long’s Metta Mahaniyom Maha Phokasap Phayant
This printed metta phayant was made by Than Long when he was resided in Wat Tendong. All together there're 3 colours made ( red, yellow and white ). Some may mistakenly thought / claimed this phayant as Bangsek's creation because of the khom and angkhara styles. The inscribed khoms was copied from late Tok Raja Khron's phayant. Late Than Thit of Wat Machimaram, Jubakar also used to produce the same style of  yantra ( according to some sources, this paper yant was inscribed by his looksit / novice monk ) to be distributed to his devotees during his 2006 birthday celebration.
 Than Thits’s Metta Mahaniyom Maha Phokasap Paper Yant 

 Than Long’s Rak Yom

This ONLY 1 bottle Rakyom was given to my late mom  by Than Long. According to my mom, Than Long said this Rakyom was made of MAI TAI PHRAI wood, ( Normally Rakyom is made of Ton Rak Son - love tree and Mai Mayom - Star Gooseberry tree that then being  soaked into Namman Hom @ Jan ). My mom couldn't remember the  actual story  regarding this Mai Tai Phrai  by late Than Long thus she couldn't explain to me in-depth on its. The only thing that she could recalled was this wood was collected in the area ( large area ) that ONLY one of this wood lives ( Tunggal - one of its type in the area ). This wood  died by natural mother nature process. Perhaps my friends out there could help me to shed the light on the type of wood that late Than Long made to craft this Rakyom. Perhaps he is using the same Ton Rak or Mai Mayom that Tai Phrai !!!!
Mai = Wood
Tai = Died @ Dried
Phrai =  Ghost ?????
Mai Tai Phrai =  ?

Than Long’s Metta Khata 1
Om Look Nok ........
Bing Khao ………….
Pak Meurn .........,
Lar Meurn ………
……………. Look Bau
……………..Look Sau

Than Long’s Metta Khata 2
Nak Choo Leuird
Mak Choo …….
Ukh Choo …….
Akh Choo …….
………….. Khai Tak
………….. Khai Rak
………….. Khai……..
Thang Ying Thang Chai

omposing ends on 24 January 2017.

Merely Sharing !
sabbe satta sukhita hontuk
sadhu ! sadhu !


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